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Posted: 18.05.2023  ·  #1
Just a heads up to those that park in the lifeboat carpark in Donaghadee. Whilst the official aire seems to be lost for the time being, the locals seem to tolerate and are happy that we park in the lifeboat, or as sometimes known, the bus station car park.
However, whilst chatting with a friend, who's well into all things Donaghadee, he mentioned motorhome parking at the lifeboat. His wife is on the committee for preserving the lifeboat and, whilst they welcome motorhomes, an issue has arisen with us parking too close to the lifeboat and obscuring from it those who wish to see it.
So, maybe, if anyone uses the carpark, try and park to the right of the entrance with your back to to fence and facing the boat.
Just passing on the message and hoping to remain welcome in Donaghadee.....

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Re: Donaghadee

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Good timing, I was planning on dropping by that car park in the van for a few hours this weekend.

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