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Was discussing tyres with a mate who drives a commercial van - a Merc Sprinter I think - and he said he preferred 6 ply as they were a softer tyre and he preferred the grip. He said that with 8 or 10 ply the back end got jittery in the wet on roundabouts etc. But he agreed that 3 -1/2 ton on 6 ply wasn't the best idea either. His load weight is negligible.

I presume he's right ?

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Re: Tyres

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He's right. Delivery vans are often driven in a hooligan manner and often with no or little load.
On the other hand, motorhome are driven carefully and always more or less fully loaded, which is why CP rated tyres are recommended.
A burst tyre on an all steel deliver van is an inconvenience but a burst tyre on a fully loaded plastic and timber motorhome can end up a very costly affair, particularly if the fridge or other appliance is sitting over the disintegrated plastic wheel arch.

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