Southern Ireland 2012

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Southern Ireland 2012

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Southern Ireland 2012

19th June

After having a solar panel fitted to add to my 2x110amp batteries i booked a Liverpool- Dublin ferry and set off with current girlfriend Gill to do as much as i can in 2 weeks of the southern coastline. I booked the P&O crossing as its only 45 mins from Manchester to Liverpool and i wasn't bothered about the 8 hour crossing as it was part of the holiday (2 meals and all drinks except alcohol ),it was also the cheapest and i also used some Tesco vouchers to make it cheaper(cost was about £150 return).
I had joined the Irish forum for some advice on travelling in Ireland and also some poi's for the satnav. It is a 9.30 sailing and arrived Dublin at 5.15 with a very calm crossing. Set off for first stop at Greystones which is just down the coast with a stop at a Starbucks on the way. There was supposed to be motorhome parking near the harbour but i couldn't find it so opted for a car park close to the station with toilets and an outside water tap.
Greystones parking The parking was free after 6 and 3 euro for a days parking , we had a quick wander round at the night time looking for somewhere to eat and then paid the daytime fee to explore the coastline .

Wed 20th

Set off down the coast at 11am to find somewhere by the sea to have lunch. Find that most of the carparks from Greystones to Arklow have height barriers but we found a spot near a quarry on the coast at Arklow for lunch and the sun is shining so very enjoyable.

From here next stop is Curracloe just north of Wexford . Its a beach car park with toilets and water and a café so an ideal location and we are here for the night.
Curracloe parking

Thurs 21st

I rained a bit overnight but by 10am it was clearing up so we left here and went into Wexford and had a look round the shops (which were expensive)

From Wexford it was then down to the bottom of the island and Kilmore Quay. There were quite a few vans parked here but we found a spot overlooking the sea in this small fishing village .Again toilets and water were available. Its only a fishing village so not a lot to do but the views were great.

Fri 22nd

From here the destination is the copper coast but to get there we go via Duncannon which had overnighting possibilities and a lovely sandy beach. So this was our spot for lunch.

Duncannon beach
From here we headed over to Waterford via the ferry at Passage east.

Arrive at Waterford at schools out time so get stuck in traffic everywhere. Decide its best to do a bit of shopping as there is a lidl close by and also a hardware store which we had half an hour nosing round and then found a nice coffee shop.
From here we head to the copper coast around Tramore /Annestown and here is where we find the best scenery we had encountered on this trip.

Tramore was you usual seaside town with quite a lot going on , windsurfers and kite flying so likely to be on the windy side and i think it was maybe possible to overnight here.

We had the poi's from motorhomeparkingireland which showed the parking spots at Annestown (also a camp site close by) but due to the wind we opted for a lay-by just down the road from the cliff-top parking at Arnestown which was a lot more sheltered and even though it was a lay by decided it would be quiet later as the road did not seem that busy. Here was an inlet onto a shingle beach and again stunning scenery.

Here we encountered our first and only travelling family who's 6 kids were enjoying the beach on the inlet and as they had run out of gas (and sugar) we provided them with a kettle full of hot water and a bit of sugar . They were also in a motorhome but not staying so after their brew they were on their way.

Sat 23rd June

Today we set off for Cork and the Jameson distillery at Midleton with a stop at Dungarvan for breakfast at McDonald's. Its raining today so a trip round the distillery or a shopping trip to Cork is on the cards .
We arrive at Jameson (there is overnight parking on the car park close by ) but as the tour is not for a couple of hours opt for a shopping trip to Cork. Plenty of shopping and sightseeing here and even had a conversation in the church (with the curator) on the economy and the prices in Southern Ireland and when we got onto shopping and Tesco she informed me that most of the locals shop at Aldi which over there is on par with our prices in England .
After the shopping trip as we are only 20 mile from Blarney Castle we thought we would go there and check the place out for a visit on Sunday. On arriving i went to the reception and as it was near closing and the parking area was massive and near empty asked the cashier if we could park overnight and then do the tour tomorrow, He actually said yes that's ok but a woman at the back of the office shouted up "NO YOU CANT PARK OVERNIGHT HERE" . If it hadn't been such a major tourist attraction i would have crossed it off the list but decided to go back to Jameson site and stay there for the night and do the tour there on Sunday morning and then come back here .

Sunday 24th

After a quiet night on the not very scenic car park i went to do the tour of the distillery and Gill went off to the local church for the Sunday service.

Left here at to go for an afternoon of looking for fairies and goblins and kissing the blarney stone . Entrance fee was 10 euro for over 60s and as its a massive site and loads to see well worth the money even though i left kissing the blarney stone to Gill.

From here we had the intention of stopping at another tourist spot Bunratty Castle but there were no overnighting signs on the car parks so used this opportunity to go to the camp-site at Adare which was empty apart from us and had great facilities for 20 euro a night .

adare caravan and camping

Mon 25th

Enjoyed the night at the camp-site and the facilities and on the morning went for a look round the village of Adare which they say is the prettiest village in the south (and i have to agree).

Had a very pleasant half a day here and there is loads to do and see so well worth a visit.
From here the next port of call was Dromineer on Lough Derg , a small village with one pub and a café which had a few holiday chalets and a nice marina. We did park up facing the Lough with nice views and toilets showers and elsen point but after a visit to the café we were invited to park facing the marina and have the use of the facilities in the café including electric if we want it . We also enjoyed an evening in the pub even though it was very empty, but the staff were very friendly .

Dromineer Marina parking

Tues 26th

Leave here at 10ish for a look round Portumna which has a listed stopover on the top side of the Lough. We could not get near the water as there were height barriers there so we set off for Salthill in Galloway. Some nice scenery on route .

Salthill has no overnighting signs and the campsites were silly money so decide to park up near the centre and spend the day in Galloway . I believe there was camping by the harbour but i couldn't find it.

After a good day out here and the first half of Guinness and nowhere to overnight set off for Rinville a country park overlooking a harbour a nice quiet spot .

Wed 27th

Today will be the last day as we get the ferry back on thurs at 9.00am so jump on the motorway heading back towards Dublin but i want to call at Glemnacrass waterfall in the Wicklow mountains so a detour is called for . Views up in the mountains are stunning and the other place i want to call at is Bray a seaside town on the coast.

Was going to stay at Bray

but opted to go to Howth just the other side of Dublin where there is plenty of motorhome parking and a bit closer for the ferry home.

Thur 29th

Howth to Dublin and then home via Liverpool
Pics can be found here

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