RAC Legal Cover

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RAC Legal Cover

Posted: 01.02.2021  ·  #1
I have just had my renewal notice, so thought I would put this on for people to look at. I assume it is only for UK citizens, but might be worth a check or see if any ROI organisation offers similar.

We all have probably more than one vehicle and insurers will sell you legal expenses cover for about £25 to £30 per policy, ie one vehicle. We have 4 vehicles plus Motorhome so quite dear to buy.

RAC cover is £15 for up to 5 family members living at one address for any vehicle they are traveling in. The policy covers the individual rather than the vehicle.

I bought it last year and got a £60 refund from Admiral on the 3 cars covered by them. (14 day period after purchase of policy). Have a look and see if it might suit you. I have not made a claim on it, but neither have I ever claimed on an Admiral policy or similar.



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