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Photo Upload

Posted: 01.11.2018  ·  #1
Still a bit of confusion on photo upload.

For photo's/pictures - please use the blue camera which shows above a new post or a reply (not quick reply), if you are in "quick reply" there is an option to "go to full editor"

The "Click here to add or edit attachments" should only be used for files, such as PDF files. You can use it for pictures but it is not as good and has limits set.


Further instructions and somewhere for you to test and try uploading are here:

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Re: Photo Upload

Posted: 06.02.2019  ·  #2
Will try a bit of a tutorial here:
Your screen may be white, mine is set to black background, its still the same procedure.

On this screen click on "go to full editor"

you should see this icon (circled in red on pic to show)... click it

Click on "select a file" as shown

It now shows where to find the picture, so click on the location (Photo library in my case)

Now you see the pictures, choose which one you want

Now the pic will load and the progress bar shows the upload speed

Click on "send to editor" or check the checkboxes to the right (Thumbnail etc) when done click the "x" to close the window or click on the outside perimeter of the pop up window to exit

You should see the code for the picture like this. Add whatever text you want before or after the code and it will appear on the post.

Click "Preview" to see what it looks like !

Your chosen image should appear like this, if so go to next step

Bingo ! ..... click "Submit" and the rest of MHC can now view it !

Hopefully this should sort your issues, I’ve uploaded this entire reply using this method ........ if not I'm in the pub !

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