Kinsale, Irish foodie town of the year

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Kinsale, Irish foodie town of the year

Posted: 01.10.2018  ·  #1
Just visited Kinsale over the weekend and we were looking to book an activity for the stay, that would be fun and relaxing.
After a Google search we found this,
We done the tour on Saturday afternoon with the lovely Suzanne who brought us to 4 very different eateries, with delicious samples of local artisan food.
Suzanne had a wonderful way of delivering her knowledge of the history of Kinsale along with the influence of its culinary journey throughout time.
With the town containing 26 different restaurants, deli, cafe and other places of food, it's a mystery tour, in that you will never know, which ones are visited on each trip.
My only advise, if attending the tour, is to go hungry. Everything is served on group platters, and some folk are fussy, leaving more for others.
A very enjoyable experience.

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