Wild Atlantic Way from Italy !

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Wild Atlantic Way from Italy !

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Ciao !
I'm trying to plan a trip from Italy to Ireland on aug 2018 or 2019 and I think that I've found the best place to ask for info.
I just started to read the post by Helgahobby (great!) and I will extract some info and stopovers.
I found this site https://www.wildatlanticway.com/
But before to arrive in Ireland I need to jump across the water :-) .
So my first 3 questions are :
  • Is the WAW ok for a 7,3 mt (24 ft ?) motorhome ?
  • Which is the best solution to jump from France to Ireland?
  • we have a dog an Australian Sheperd in our family ... Is there any specific rule ?

Thanks a lot for your answers... and If you are planning to come in Italy ASK for info ... I'm here!


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Re: Wild Atlantic Way from Italy !

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Hello and welcome , some parts of the WAW are not suitable for a 7 mt van , travel to Ireland via Cherbourg to Rosslare , and you will need a pet passport for your dog's or other pet's

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Re: Wild Atlantic Way from Italy !

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The Wild Atlantic Way runs along the West Coast from West Cork to Donegal.
The Roads are signed with a WWW signpost.
Almost all of the roads are suitable for large coaches.
A few side roads, with areas of particular beauty or areas of historical interest (e.g.Monastic Settlement of Skellig Michael, in Kerry -Site of Star Wars ) are signed as part of the WWW and are smaller roads. Almost all of the more interesting ones are accessed by large Coach Tour Busses.
Irish roads vary from the highest grade Motorways to small rural roads, designed to serve small local agricultural communities.
You will choose how far off the main routes you decide to go. There is more than you will have time to see, just taking the routes that the large coaches use.
The most scenic parts of Ireland are busy with tourist traffic in July and August and the large coaches follow planned routes to find the most scenic locations.
Keep an eye on their routes and their direction of travel.
If you are comfortable driving on the "wrong" LEFT side of the road you have nothing to fear about road size or quality.
You can spend two weeks or two years doing the route from West Cork to Donegal and not see and experience all that is to see.
The South Coast between Wexford (Rosalie Port) and Kerry is also worth spending time on.
The Coastline of Northern Ireland is also spectacular and well worth visiting.
Other members will no doubt have lots of advice and don't hesitate to ask for specific advice on routes, areas of interest, etc. and we will all be delighted to help.
Also, many members will have technical advice and support and guide you, if you experience any mechanical or breakdown difficulties.

There is a brilliant App available which has details of many parking places, points of interest etc. Well worth a look.
See http://motorhomeparkingireland.com
Do keep in touch and

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